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Omnia Charts Update 208.006

A minor update with low impact. This version has been tested on builds 751 and 783.

Number 1 – Offline Chart Opening

The Metaquotes fixed the buggy MQL function for opening charts (see MQL announcement for detail No. 17) in build 765. The work-around for opening the offline chart is no longer necessary and I replaced […]

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Control Your License Online

A new feature has been added to site.

Now the user can cancel his or her license key assignment using the online form. Check Your License With the new support feature, the user can get information about the license type, and of the currently licensed computers. When the user decides to release the assignment for any reason, he can proceed with […]

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Offline charts update 208.005

This update changes order of events transmitted to the OmniaRemote indicator.
The change fixes incorrect number format in OmniaRemote main parameter text field, after changing chart type to/from Flexi Bar.

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