Omnia Bar – One for All

All you need is a single indicator, which could draw any reliable offline chart of your wish.

Omnia Bar Charts Collection is all-in-one solution for those who need all types of offline charts. A single indicator can generate any chart type according to your selection. You may even change your chart type and settings on the fly and directly from the offline chart – using a unique remote control indicator GUI placed on the offline chart.

OmniaRemote swaps all the embeded charts.

Using OmniaRemote indicator for swapping charts on-the-fly.

The chart generator embeds all the following charts:

  • Constant Range Bars (with 1-tick gap removal option)
  • Constant Volume Bars (Tick Chart)
  • Renko Chart
  • Mean Renko Chart (open price relocated to mean of the previous body)
  • Point Original Chart
  • Flexible Timeframe Chart (any timeframe with a second resolution)
  • Point & Figure Chart (with optional XO overlay)
  • Flex(ible) Renko Chart (with adjustable forward and reverse shift, and open price relocation options)

  • Hybrid Renko (with time and volume conditions)
  • Including precise, tick-based testing (aka 99% testing model quality). See FXT Builders for more details. Limits may apply.
  • Precise and Fast and Non-Repainting.
    Indicator is based on live price feed. Once the price tick arrives, it is recorded and used in all subsequent indicator sessions. Fine data is used only where reasonable, keeping performance at a high level and preserving the data used in previous calculations.
  • Wide Range of Parameter Values.
    Indicator uses multiple timeframes history, from a week level down to a tick level, ensuring high speed and accuracy for many different input settings.
  • Controlling Performance by a User.
    Limiting the initial chart length to a fixed number of bars enables user to control chart performance in a defined manner. Moreover, if necessary, indicator can reduce frequency of chart updates.
  • Graphical User Interface.
    Settings for deployed generators are accessible directly in the chart, both the feed chart and the generated chart. Accessing settings from the generated chart makes parameter handling comfortable.

Installation Guide and First Steps

Watch the video to learn how to install and use OmniaBar Charts.

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Unique Features

What are additional features of Ovo offline generators?

  • the generator is an indicator rather than a script or EA, which makes it more comfortable for deployment
  • input setting is adjustable from multiple places: from the input dialogue, or from the entry box of an indicator sub-window, or from the offline chart using additional indicators (Om