Let It All Roll Together

This indicator must be attached to multiple charts with the same parameter (two or more). Then it binds chart scrolling to the chart, which is controlled by a user. The point of synchronization depends on setting of the Chart Shift Switch.

When on, the small drag-able triangle appears on the upper edge of the chart. and the bar under the triangle gets synchronized. When off, the rightmost visible bar of the chart gets synchronized.

You may want to have multiple groups synchronized independently. For grouping chart there is an input parameter,


Input Dialogue

You may bind any charts by time, regardless of its symbol, timeframe, or the offline flag.

Scrolling the chart by both the mouse and the keyboard (arrows, Pg keys, Home/End, F12) automatically locks and unlocks the chart Auto Shift switch.

 Incompatibility Warning

The indicator has unrecoverable issues with following EAs:

  • gow3 (lite & pro)
  • IceFX.TraderAgent

Do not mix them on the same chart.

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