Testing the Offline Charts with Tick Data

FXT Builder is a bunch of scripts, which generate high precision testing data for non-standard charts. With a tick data on input it creates various non-standard charts in the tester data format, and allows testing strategies on those charts. Using a simple settings you get high fidelity models, with perfect chart shapes and completely eliminated phantom quotes trading.

The script can be used with the MT4 Strategy Tester directly for the fixed-spread data. But it can also support the variable-spread format for use with the Birt’s TDS alternate launcher.

Bring The Tick Data to Your Testing

  • The genuine offline chart test data.
  • Intuitive and simple settings.
  • Compatible with Strategy Quant.
  • Compatible with Birt’s TDS launcher.
  • No need for owning the Omnia series offline chart generator.
  • No need for EA customisation, you may test any ex4 EA
  • No need for any other offline chart generator (indicator plugin, EA plugin).
  • No need for the 3rd party launcher in the 99% tests (with constant spread and no slippage).

FXT Builders

Current version is

Free to use up to 2,000 candles output.
With a corresponding offline chart license up to 10,000 candles.
No limits with a personal support code.

EX4’s are built with the most compatible compiler.