Give Full Control to Your Offline Chart

The Omnia Remote indicator supports all Omnia series generators. It is able to change most of the input parameters on-the-fly directly from the offline chart.

Current version is

The indicator displays tooltips to make its use intuitive.

Omnia Remote chart selector.

The on-the-fly chart selector.

Note: The terminal sometimes spoils its sub-windows layout. Use ctrl+A to reset the layout.

In addition to parameters fields, the Omnia Remote indicator adds additional display, some depending on the current chart type.

  • chart type switch
  • quick navigation to the feed chart
  • marks on levels for new candle to open
  • information about remaining candle volume (tick chart)
  • continuous remaining candle time (flexi chart)
  • graphics switch (Point & Figure)
  • continuous server time

It occupies a fixed room 20 px on the indicator bottom.