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MT4 Terminal build 830 Unpleasant Bug

This is just an announcement about glitches you might encounter with OVO software in the most recent build. A graphical bug, that makes graphics shaky. It affects displaying of the SyncScroll vertical chart, which jumps forth and back during scrolling the active chart. An event bug, that prevents generating chart events if the the mouse pointer does [...]

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Hybrid Renko Released

A hybrid Renko chart has been released. It is a product close to the one existing in Ninja Trader platform. It combines minimum time, tick volume and price requirement before a new candle can be formed.   The license is shared with Renko & wick-less Renko generators, so it is free to use [...]

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Omnia Charts Update 208.013, Advanced Support For SyncScroll 103.000 Added

Again, a minor update. Fixes "Open Offline" button behaviour in the old builds up to 745. Includes additional time entry to candlesticks in offline charts, to support SyncScroll v. 103 SyncScroll v.103 can navigate correctly in very fine charts like the 1-tick chart, which may have their natural time axis out of sync. [...]

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Build 825 And OfflineTestHelper

With the new build,  ability to restart the Metatrader 4 Terminal at the end of the script is no more functional. Currently, the script shuts down the terminal, but fails to start it again. Until I find workaround, the user has to launch the terminal by himself after it shuts down.

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Omnia Series Release 208.011 available

This update is of low importance. The only change is in the authorization procedure, which runs asynchronously now. It removes risk of the MT4 terminal block during internet request.

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