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Flex Renko Preview

I am currently testing additional generator for the OmniaBar, again based on Renko. The name should resemble the Sierra Chart product of the same name. Unlike the Sierra Chart sibling the inputs are relative to the brick size, which seems to be more practical when adjusting the particular chart.

The ReOP switch can disable the Open Price relocation, […]

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Current Web Hosting Problems

The site currently encountered heavy problems with web hosting performance, which affected both the site and indicators authentication.

I temporarily switched off the indicators authentication, to enable the site pages. The disabled authentication does not have direct impact on indicators, they work as usually, but you cannot see your name in the usual place. You can rather see this site URL […]

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How to Downgrade MT4-920 to 910

The problems with new official MT4 builds seem endless. MT build 920 has serious problems, again.

If you already updated and realized you couldn’t use many of your scripts any longer, or if you could but the Terminal crashed during user interaction unexpectedly, you may decide to fix the issue temporarily by rolling back to build 910.

Here is the guide.

  1. Find the alias you […]
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Metatrader Build 920 Messes Things Up

The latest Metatrader official build 920 is apparently not quite compatible with previous versions.

The custom indicators and scripts compiled by the previous versions do not seem to be compatible with the 920 and refuse to load. On the other hand, scripts compiled by the latest compiler from build 920 do not seem to run in previous versions below build […]

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November 2015 USA Market View

STOCKS.  The best three stocks in the 1-month category are IDI @ 45%, CEMP @ 32% and EGRX @ 31%.

A stock trading on NYSE Mkt, IDI belongs to the Services sector, Advertising Agencies industry.  With 23 employees, this Florida, USA-based company, through its subsidiaries, operates […]

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Omnia 209.005 Released

Low importance update, which contains Point&Figure update.

Point & Figure chart has option to hide wicks now. OmniaRemote has been configured accordingly to enable the on-the-fly switch for wicks on PnF charts. Also the X/O layout switch is persistent in this update.

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