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FXT Builder 102.004 and OvoMerge!TickFile 102.003

FXT Builder adds support for HistData format OvoMerge!TickFile adds support for HistData format OvoMerge!TickFile adds an option to run in a loop with specifying only the appendix file. This option makes smoother concatenating multiple files into a single tick file.

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FXT Builder 102.002 and OvoMerge!TickFile 101.000 Add Support For TrueFX Tick Data Files

FXT Builder 102.002 adds support for a new input tick files format, TrueFX tick data files. The format is recognised automatically. OvoMerge!TickFile 101.000 adds this data format as well, and improves the file content check to prevent accidental data mismatch. Several improvements have been added: The script can accept additional jobs before exit. The script allows to concatenate overlaid files properly, [...]

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