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Metatrader 4 Build 880 Error 131 (invalid volume) Workaround

It seems that Strategy Tester in disconnected mode throws errors 131 (invalid trading volume) after the update to 880 or 890, when testing any strategies .

The artificial copy of the broker environment created with the Test Helper script cannot be used for testing with builds 845+ any longer . The last known build suitable for the offline testing was 842 […]

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Secret Price Charts? (Book Preview)

John Craciun snapshot by John Craciun

Today, when you buy something, you receive a receipt while the seller keeps a copy.
The seller tallies the sales to get the total for the day.  If he is a clever businessman, he looks at weekly/monthly […]
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August 2015 (USA Market View)

aug2015jc Fig. 1 – Daily Candlestick chart of EFOI. It went up 136% from US$9.26 to $21.90.

STOCKS.  The best three stocks in the 1-month category are EFOI @ 136%, AXGN @ 38% and NDRM @ 35%.

A stock trading on NasdaqCM, EFOI belongs to the Consumer […]

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