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Omnia Auto Range Adds Type Selector

The OmniaAutoRange has been updated to version 104.001

The updated version adds a chart type selector to the inputs. The indicator does not affect the other chart types if other type is selected in OmniaRemote with combination OmniaBar. There may be multiple OmniaAutoRange indicators attached, each set to control a different chart type.

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Offline Charts v 210.012 Released

The 210.012 release is partially a bugs fix release, but it contains some design changes and a refresh control improvement

Fixes in 210.012:

  • Offline charts – fixed failed chart after changing the symbol of the chart.
  • Offline charts – fixed the non-responding on-the-fly controls after the indicator input dialog was re-opened
  • Offline charts – fixed a chart generation during disconnected internet

Changes […]

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