The 210.012 release is partially a bugs fix release, but it contains some design changes and a refresh control improvement

Fixes in 210.012:

  • Offline charts – fixed failed chart after changing the symbol of the chart.
  • Offline charts – fixed the non-responding on-the-fly controls after the indicator input dialog was re-opened
  • Offline charts – fixed a chart generation during disconnected internet

Changes in 210.012:

  • Offline charts – the indicator inputs are slightly rearranged
  • Offline charts – appended an input “Consistency warnings” for suppressing the verbose output to the indicator log.  By default it mutes all the warnings.
  • Offline charts – the chart ID is no more quite random when left empty; but the ID selects the lowest available number above M60 (i.e. the first is M61, the second M62 etc.)
  • Offline charts – the offline chart refresh control changed:

    • the global variable used for controlling refresh delay changed its name to ‘delay_omnia‘. The former ‘delay_e’ has no effect any longer, as the ‘_e’ suffix lost its original meaning.
    • The ‘delay_omnia‘ variable accepts fragments of a second (i.e. value of 2 stands for 2 seconds, while 0.2 stands for 200 ms)
    • Changing its value has immediate effect
    • When a new candle appears, the chart refreshes instantly, ignoring the above setting

The feature should help those, who challenge performance issues. However it does not stop the generators from generating the underlying chart file, but it decreases frequency of refreshing the offline chart. The next chart refresh appears only after the period (defined by the delay_omnia‘ global variable) elapsed.
The delay applies to all open Omnia offline charts rather than a single chart.

  • Omnia Remote – changed the format of the time entry in the edit boxes
  • Omnia Remote – changed the size of parameters boxes. The wider box size adopts larger values without overflow.