The 209.003 fixes a critical bug, which emerged with the latest MT4 builds.

Defect description: The last official MT4 terminal build implemented a silent change, which resulted in a critical error in all Omnia indicator versions 205.000 to 209.002. The bug could be spotted either by many “inconsistent tick” messages, or by indicator failing to open the chart, because the previous run crashed.
Unfortunately, the change in MT4 implementation had no trace in their public change logs, so it had been undetected by me for a while.
The defect appears if you switch among the MT4 servers. Most often it is switching between the live and demo accounts. In such a case, the indicator tends to freeze after the server change and the tick pool gets spoiled. When damaged, the tick file requires manual deletion by the user.

How to remove the damaged tick file:  In case you already encounter the troubles with some instruments, please first download and deploy the up-to-date indicator from the download page.
Once updated, follow the next few steps how to remove the corrupted tick pool file:

  1. In the terminal, use menu File->Open Data Folder
  2. Close the terminal.
  3. Switch the explorer to a sibling named “Common”, so you have path like “C:\Users\myName\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\Common”
  4. You should see a list of folders with server names. Open your server folder.
  5. Delete the corresponding file “(SYMBOL)” of the symbol which is causing troubles.
  6. Open the terminal.