Some unexpected problems appeared with build 970 and Omnia indicators. I tried my best and I am not able to find quick workaround to avoid the instability. So finally I kindly ask you for an emergency step – a manual downgrade back to the build 950. The MT4 fix will probably follow in the near future, so check occasionally this site if you may update the MT4 again.

If you are still running the build 950, please follow the guide to prevent updates, but skip numbers 4 through 6.

If you already updated please follow the guide to roll back to the build 950.

  1. Find the alias you use for launching the Metatrader 4, mostly under the Windows Start Menu. If you have found it directly within the explorer, skip the point 2.
  2. Right-click the alias, select Open Location.
  3. Open Properties dialogue of the alias.
  4. Click Open Location button of the Properties dialogue window.
  5. Download MT4 build 950 (right-click the link and choose the Save link as… option). You might need to override EXE security warning. Unzip the archive. You get two files, terminal.exe and metaeditor.exe.
  6. Move the extracted files to the location opened in point 4. Confirm that you wish to overwrite the original (build 970) files.
  7. You also need to prevent automatic updates to 970. In the still open Properties dialogue, change the target to terminal.exe” /skipupdate, like indicates the picture. Mind the space in front of the forward slash.
  8. Close properties with save.


Finally: Do not forget to remove the /skipupdate option in the future, after a more reliable build gets released. The MT4 will update automatically with the next start then.