Fxt Builder Ver. 101.000 Released

//Fxt Builder Ver. 101.000 Released

This version comes with major change

  1. Fidelity option has been removed.
    The fidelity option input was a nightmare for me and other users. Now it has gone.
    Finally I found a clean way how to produce the phantom candles and phantom ticks in the strategy tester, without need for any user intervention.

In the ver. 101, the chart under test can properly treat phantom (zero volume) candles. Besides, the chart properly fixes its candles shape without producing a phantom tick as a side effect.

Since the 101, the tested chart is 100% compatible with the input tick data set, and it has 100% compatibility with the offline chart definitions. it does not contain distorted candles, neither missing candles (gaps) any longer, and no phantom ticks, which would need special EA treatment or which would allow phantom trading.

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