Fig. 1 – Daily Candlestick chart of LPTH. It went up 62% from US$1.75 to $2.83

STOCKS. The best three stocks in the 1-month category are LPTH @ 62%, DLHC @ 59% and LOJN @ 58%.

A stock trading on NasdaqCM, LPTH belongs to the Industrial Goods sector, Industrial Electrical Equipment industry. With 173 employees, this Florida, USA-based company designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes optical components and assemblies.

The stock price went up because of short term price change (it is especially useful to compare it to the industry as this can help investors pinpoint the top companies in a particular area. With a 1-week price change of 0.05% compared to an industry average of 0.00%, LPTH is certainly well-positioned in this regard.), because of long term price change (looking at performance over the past three months or year and comparing these to an industry at large can be very useful. In the case of LPTH, the results are quite impressive. The company has beaten out the industry at large over the past 12 weeks by a margin of 42.95% to -1.00% while it has also outperformed when looking at the past year, putting up a gain of 110.38%), and because earnings estimate revisions were moving in the right direction.

Three stocks with the biggest 1-month decline are NADL @ –55%, HK @ –59% and RNVA @ –63%.

The top three stocks in the 3-month category are VTL @ 185%, FIVN @ 135% and MEET @ 127%.

In the “All Time Highs” category, the three top stocks are GPP, AMRK and CBPO. In the “All Time Lows” category, the three bottom stocks are HERO, SDRL and FCEL.

SECTORS. 30 industry sectors out of 182 are in green territory, a serious decrease from last month.

The top three winners are ETFS – Non-Taxable Bonds, Large Cap Pharmaceuticals and ETFS – Biotech.

The bottom three sectors are Utility – Gas Distribution, Indices S&P 400 and Insurance – Brokers.

MUTUAL FUNDS. The top performers this month are two of the Profunds Ultralatin America @ 763%, two of the Profunds Precious Metals Ultra Sector @ 386% and two of the Profunds Ultrashort Latin America @ 12%.

EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS. The best three ETFs this month are Egypt Index ETF Market Vectors @ 7.54%, Physical Platinum @ 7.13% and VIX Short-Term Futures ETN Ipath @ 6.91%.

FUTURES. The top contracts are: (Currencies) New Zealand Dollar @ 4.11%, (Energies) Natural Gas @ 2.05%, (Financials) Ultra T-bond @ 0.16%, (Grains) Soybean Oil @ 3.64%, (Indices) CBOE S&P500 VIX @ 4.22%, (Meats) Lean Hogs @ 5.28%, (Metals) Platinum @ 7.14% and (Softs) Coffee @ 5.89%.

INDEXES. The best three indexes are CBOE Volatility Index @ 12.90%, DOW Utilities @ 2.61% and S&P Consumer Staples @ 2.51%.

DOW Jones Industrial Average finished down @ –1.66% this month.


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Predictions are underlined for future verification.

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by John Craciun