Fig. 1 – Daily Candlestick chart of CPXX. It went up 97% from US$15.29 to $30.08

Fig. 1 – Daily Candlestick chart of CPXX. It went up 97% from US$15.29 to $30.08

STOCKS. The best three stocks in the 1-month category are CPXX @ 97%, USMD @ 79% and RYI @ 57%.

A stock trading on NasdaqCM, CPXX belongs to the Healthcare sector, Drugs – Generic industry. With 25 employees, this biopharmaceutical company based in New Jersey, USA operates primarily in the home country and Canada developing therapies to treat cancer.

The stock price went up because it had a very strong up gap in March, it also went up well in April attracting the attention of investors, it made many headlines with good news, management filed excellent financials and announced progress in research nabbing a key FDA designation in the process, big institutional investors (Bruce Kovner and Israel Englander) were already invested in the stock big time and because another drug manufacturer, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, agreed to buy the company for US$1.5B.

Three stocks with the biggest 1-month decline are TDW @ –51%, GLF @ –52% and ARP–D @ –64%.

The top three stocks in the 3-month category are CPXX @ 1,305%, RYI @ 276% and SKY @ 156%.

The top three stocks in the YTD category are CPXX @ 1,609%, HMY @ 229% and AG @ 219%.

In the 12-month category, the best three stocks are CPXX @ 1,231%, SKY @ 213% and IGLD @ 209%.

In the “All time Highs” category the best three stocks are CPXX, PTI and NTLA.

SECTORS. 118 industry sectors out of 182 are in green territory, a decrease from last month.

The top three winners are Outsourcing, Beverages – Alcohol and Insurance – Multi Line. The bottom three sectors are Movie & TV Production & Distribution, Steel Producers and ETFs – Currency.

MUTUAL FUNDS. The top performers this month are two of the Ultrashort MSCI Brazil Proshares funds @ 29%, two of the Ultra Japan Profund Investor Class funds @ 15% and two of the Semiconductor Ultrasector Profund funds @ 12%.

EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS. The best three ETFs this month are DB Commodity Long ETN Powershares @ 52%, Vs 3X Inv Silver @ 37% and Ultrashort MSCI Brazil Proshares @ 30%.

FUTURES. The top contracts are: (Currencies) US Dollar Index @ 2.50%, (Energies) ULSD NY Harbor @ 6.05%, (Financials) Ultra T-bond @ 1.24%, (Grains) Soybean Meal @ 17.38%, (Indices) E-mini Nasdaq 100 @ 4.17%, (Meats) Live Cattle @ 5.00%, (Metals) Gold @ –5.65% and (Softs) Orange Juice @ 19.89%.

INDEXES. The best three indexes are S&P Information Technology @ 5.28%, NASDAQ 100 Index @ 4.21% and NASDAQ Composite @ 3.62%.

DOW Jones Industrial Average finished up @ 0.08% this month.


Relevant in May were titles like: “Puerto Rico says it will default on Monday”, “Wrong-Way Bets Rule U.S. Stock Market’s $3 Trillion Recovery”, “How Close Is the Next Recession?”, “Bill Gross: ‘Helicopter money’ is coming in a year or so”, “Why Oil Prices Will Likely Drop Below $40 Soon”, “Hedge Fudge Managers Lose Their Swagger”, “These 3 events are threatening to shake up the market”, “Hedge funds — there are too many and most stink”, “Steve Wynn lashes out on ‘unconscionable manipulation’ in the stock market”, “Investors pouring billions into agriculture land, with returns performing better than S&P 500”, “This Is Very Good News – A Speculative Bull Market Is Emerging”, “Druckenmiller: These 2 charts show how ‘unproductive’ and ‘reckless’ companies have been”, “Legendary hedge fund manager Jim Simons1 made $1.7 billion last year ― here’s how he went from cracking codes to making billions”, “Gold has entered a new bull market: JPMorgan”, “The depressing truth underlying the bull market”, “The glory days are ending for hedge funds”, “We are witnessing a stock market ‘exodus'”, “Forget the wall of worry! S&P will hit new highs: Strategist”, “Investors dump stocks at fastest rate since August 2011 – BAML”, “The depressing truth underlying the bull market”, “Goldman: There’s one force keeping this go-nowhere stock market from going down”, “Merrill Lynch chief economist nails the truth about risk in a perfect 3-word sentence”, “T. Boone Pickens thinks oil is going even higher (May 16)”, “Raoul Pal: The stock market is behaving the way it did back in 2000”, “One big reason why gold could be heading to $1500”, “The S&P 500 could plummet to 1,573 this year: NorthmanTrader’s Henrich”, “Oil Will Head Lower Soon, Says Alvine’s Isaacs (May 19)”, “Goldman Sachs explains why hedge funds aren’t magic anymore”, “Here’s who actually owns the stock market”, “Stockman: U.S. has been living beyond its means for 30 years”, “Why the Dow is still going strong after 120 years”, “$50 oil won’t last long: Kilduff (May 27)”, “Warren Buffett says money can’t fix the biggest threat to the world”, “It may be the end of hedge funds as we know it”, which are self-explanatory.


Predictions are underlined for future verification.

1 At the age of 78 and with a net worth of US$15.5B, Jim is the USA’s 26th and the world’s 50th richest man on Forbes’ March 2016 list, up from previous years.

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