Fig. 1 – Daily Candlestick chart of DRD. It went up 65% from US$1.70 to $2.80.

STOCKS. The best three stocks in the 1-month category are DRD @ 65%, SPKE @ 25% and MBTF @ 23%.

A stock trading on NYSE, DRD belongs to the Basic Materials sector, Gold industry. With 941 employees, this company founded in 1895 and based in Johannesburg, South Africa, engages in the retreatment, production, and sale of gold from surface tailings in the central Witwatersrand basin in Gauteng province South Africa.

The stock price went up because a solid Keltner Channel breakout occurred at the beginning of the month, a pattern which attracts increased attention from investors who kept on buying and buying throughout the month.

Three stocks with the biggest 1-month decline are AVXL @ –42%, NHTC @ –32% and NAII @ –24%.

The top three stocks in the 3-month category are FIVN @ 103%, LPTH @ 97% and DRD @ 87%.

In the 12-month category, the best three stocks are LINDW @ 418%, AVXL @ 398% and EGRX @ 268%.

In the “All time Highs” category, the best three stocks are AVNU, SPKE and CCF.

SECTORS. 18 industry sectors out of 182 are in green territory, a sharp decrease from last month.

The top three winners are ETFs – Non-Taxable Bonds, Utility – Gas Distribution, and Movie & TV Production & Distribution.

The bottom three sectors are Medical – HMO, Computer – Networks and Building & Construction – Misc.

MUTUAL FUNDS. The top performers this month are two of the Profunds Ultra Short China funds @ 27%, three of the Profunds Ultra Short funds @ 22% together with three of the Rydex Dynamic Fds Inverse Russell 2000 funds @ 22% and Direxion Monthly Small Cap Bear 2X Fund @ 17%.

EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS. The best three ETFs this month are Malaysia Index MSCI Ishares @ 3.84%, Chile Investable Mkt Idx MSCI Ishares @ 0.93% and S.Y. Bancorp @ 0.54%.

FUTURES. The top contracts are: (Currencies) US Dollar Index @ 0.69%, (Energies) Ethanol Futures @ 0.56%, (Financials) Ultra T-bond @ 4.96%, (Grains) Corn @ 2.65%, (Indices) CBOE S&P500 VIX @ 16.34%, (Meats) Lean Hogs @ 7.32%, (Metals) Gold @ 5.87% and (Softs) Cotton @ –3.26%.

INDEXES. The best three indexes are CBOE Volatility Index @ 25.62%, DOW Utilities @ 4.48% and S&P Utilities @ 3.64%.

DOW Jones Industrial Average finished down @ –7% this month.


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Predictions are underlined for future verification.

John Craciun snapshot

by John Craciun