STOCKS. The best three stocks in the 1-month category are VTL @ 90%, AVXL @ 87% and BSQR @ 64%.

A stock trading on NasdaqGS, VTL belongs to the Healthcare sector, Biotechnology industry. With 96 employees, this California, USA-based company focuses on developing a cell-based therapy for the treatment of acute liver failure.

The stock price went up because the trading symbol showed up in several predictive lists in the beginning of the month until midmonth, because the company filed the SEC form 8-K, Change in Directors or Principal Officers, Other Events, Financial Statements and provided corporate update and announced date of third quarter 2015 financial results in midmonth and because the company announced pricing of public offering of common stock later in the month. The stock ended the month as the #1 winner despite the fact that the law offices of Vincent Wong launched an investigation of Vital Therapies, Inc. for possible securities fraud violations on Oct. 20.

Three stocks with the biggest 1-month decline are FOLD @ –46%, REPH @ –19% and EDAP @ –15%.

The top three stocks in the 3-month category are AVXL @ 230%, EDUC @ 147% and SPRO @ 79%.

In the YTD category, the best three stocks are AVXL @ 1,329%, NHTC @ 330% and EXEL @ 318%.

In the 12-month category, the best three stocks are AVXL @ 1,445%, NHTC @ 415% and EGRX @ 398%.

In the “What’s hot, what’s not” category, the five hottest stocks are VSCP, ARII, ATAI, ANGI and CRAY; the five least hot stocks are VRX, BLPH, AAN, SCTY and BCOR.

SECTORS. 154 industry sectors out of 182 are in green territory, an increase from last month.

The top three winners are Utility – Gas Distribution, Computer – Software and Containers – Paper Products. The bottom three sectors are Shoes and Related Apparel, Retail – Restaurants and Beverages – Alcohol.

MUTUAL FUNDS. The top performers this month are Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund @ 296%, Cla Strategic Allocation Fund @ 55% and Profunds Ultra China Investor Class with Profunds Ultra China Service Class @ 34%.

EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS. The best three ETFs this month are Ipath Short Enhanced MSCI Emerg @ 81%, 3X Inverse Natural Gas ETN Velocityshare @ 56% and Direxion Daily South Korea Bull @ 38%.

FUTURES. The top contracts are: (Currencies) New Zealand Dollar @ 6.15%, (Energies) Ethanol Futures @ 6.27%, (Financials) 30-day Fed Funds @ 0.03%, (Grains) Soybean Oil @ 3.15%, (Indices) E-mini NASDAQ-100 @ 11.54%, (Meats) Feeder Cattle @ 9.52%, (Metals) Platinum @ 8.80% and (Softs) Orange Juice @ 24.83%.

INDEXES. The best three indexes are S&P Materials @ 13.45%, S&P Energy @ 11.25% and NASDAQ-100 Index @ 11.19%.

DOW Jones Industrial Average finished up @ 8.47% this month.


Relevant in October were titles like: “Young Americans are giving up on getting rich”, “Stock investors forced to pause at yield signs”, “Old engine of Wall Street is sputtering”, “Get ready for a ‘destruction of wealth’ as stocks head toward a bear market”, “Dow, S&P 500 see biggest price swing in 4 years (Oct. 2)”, “Market history is calling, and it’s saying stock performance will be crappy for another ~10 years”, “The worst may be behind us: Bob Doll”, “Wrong 2 out of 3 times, S&P 500 not the best economic indicator”, “Make no mistake – the stock market might still be crashing”, “Barry Sternlicht: Stocks tell me ‘party is over’”, “U.S. oil output on brink of ‘dramatic’ decline, executive says”, “Recession buzz is heating up on Wall Street”, “Oil’s Rally Was A Bunch Of Noise And Won’t Last, Goldman Sachs Says”, “Goldman Sachs: This Oil Rally Is Not Going to Last“, “A U.S. Recession Just Got a Little More Likely”, “Disney and Activision to rally for the rest of the year: money manager (Oct. 9)”, “Goldman: This is the third wave of the financial crisis”, “If You’re Young, The Job Outlook Is Grim No Matter Where You Live”, “It’s still a bull market and Cisco’s a buy: TIAA-CREF’s Malik”, “’Bear claw’ will strike the market again: Yamada”, “The Smart Money Is Still Betting Against Crude Oil”, “Hedge funds see worst year since financial crisis”, “Why Crude Oil Prices May Hit $130 a Barrel in 2017”, “$100 Billion Rally Coming in Google, Microsoft, Amazon Shares”, “LARRY SUMMERS: The global economy is facing a ‘dangerous’ situation”, “Puerto Rico considers simple solution to debt crisis: Don’t pay”, “American capitalism is in great danger”, “Lew: Raise debt ceiling to avoid ‘terrible accident’”, “Oil prices could go ‘sharply lower’ as product inventories near maximum capacity – Goldman Sachs”, “Declining profit margins threaten the market: Portfolio manager”, “Oil industry slipping into the red as outlook dims”, “This index signaled two crashes—and it’s falling again”, “UBS: It’s the beginning of the end of the bull market”, which are self-explanatory.


Predictions are underlined for future verification.

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by John Craciun